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Don’t Feed the Termites! Wood in the Crawlspace

Wood is a major component of most homes, yet wood should be removed from the crawlspace and from close proximity to the ground. Why is this important? What’s the worst that could happen? To explore these questions, consider the structure of wood. Some plants, trees and shrubs, produce resistant tissue over seasons and years [...]

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A Slippery Slope – Poor Grading

Water should drain away from a home. While simply said, not so easily done. Many lots are sloped up away from the home, what is called a negative grade, on at least one side. Negative grades will cause surface water from rainfall to run towards the foundation. Groundwater also moves downhill by gravity, and [...]

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Common Problems with Decks

Decks are attractive and useful features of homes, but even great-looking structures can have safety problems,  and all of them need maintenance. As they extend the home footprint into the outdoors, they are vulnerable to increased weathering, and deterioration. They are commonly attached to exterior entrances, and may experience heavy traffic. Safe steps and [...]

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Why are the Vents Plugged?

The house is winterized: Many homes we inspect have the crawlspace winterized by plugging up crawlspace vents with the ubiquitous Styrofoam plugs that can be found at any hardware store. Sometimes the vents are simply closed with the plastic flaps that are part of the typical crawlspace vent. Most commonly this is done in [...]

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