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How to Secure Loose Electrical Receptacles

One of the most common electrical defects found in a home during a general home inspection is loose electrical receptacles. Loose receptacles can be found in old homes, and even newly constructed homes. Loose receptacles are not only a nuisance, but also could cause shock and fire hazards. Loose receptacles could be caused by [...]

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DIY Garage Door Automatic Reverse Adjustment

During an inspection, a home inspector pays close attention to safety hazards in the home that could compromise the health and safety of the occupants. Most inspectors consider safety hazards to be the most important defect to report on, since they could be a matter of life or death. Some safety defects that are [...]

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Roof Edge Flashing

Roof edge flashing is a component of the roof that should be incorporated into all installations with asphalt shingles and many other roof covering materials. The purpose of roof edge flashing is to direct water away from the susceptible components at the roof’s edges and into the gutters. Roof edge flashing is made of [...]

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Replace Your Air Filters – DIY

Routinely changing the filter for your heating and cooling system is one of the best ways to keep your home comfortable and healthy. However, proper filter maintenance is also essential for efficient operation and longevity of your equipment. Most people think that the filter in their forced air HVAC system is primarily there to [...]

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Replacing and Cleaning Air Filters

The heating and cooling system in a home is a critical part of a home’s ventilation, air quality, and comfort. The ducts in this system work to transport warm or conditioned air to the air registers throughout the home and the air filter works to trap air dust and other particulates that can damage [...]

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Testing Your Lawn Irrigation System

Lawn sprinklers can a great convenience and provide watering for your yard that can be adjusted to your lawn’s needs. However, this system occasionally needs to be adjusted to cater to your yard’s needs and can be tested in order to ensure that they are covering all of the necessary areas of your yard. [...]

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Foundation Crack Repairs

Concrete foundations are an important building component that are used to support the weight of the structures above them. Lack of a proper foundation can cause structures to settle. In some cases, damaged or improperly installed foundations can lead to structural failure which can be dangerous and life threatening. When a major foundation repair [...]

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How to Repair Concrete Cracks

If you own a home with concrete walkways, patios or driveway, then you probably know that concrete cracks are almost always inevitable. Concrete is an amazing building material that can be shaped and formed while in the liquid state, but then through a chemical process cures and becomes solid. Concrete has been an important [...]

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Cleaning the Gutter and Downspout System

In the Pacific Northwest, keeping water away from the home structure is of the upmost importance. With an average of over 42 inches of rainfall in the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area, your gutter and downspout system is a critical line of defense against water intruding into the home through the roof, siding, and foundation. Like [...]

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Cleaning Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans are the unsung heroes of the bathroom and are an important part of the ventilation system of a home. While these fans do help to remove odors from the bathroom, their most important task is to exhaust moist air from bathing activities to the exterior. While the average bathroom fan will [...]

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