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Interchangeable Breakers

Circuit breakers are an important part of a home’s electrical system and protect electrical circuits from overcurrent or short circuits. Electrical panel manufacturer’s design and install different varieties of circuit breakers for different panel systems and can vary depending on the manufacturer and year. Circuit breakers, like many systems in a home, may need [...]

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Running Toilets: A Hidden Cost in Plain Sight – DIY

Toilets are one of the most important components of a home’s plumbing system and remove waste from the home through a clean, safe, and efficient process. While most toilets are basic in their function and rely on gravity to pull water and waste into the sewage system, the mechanisms in these toilets can wear [...]

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Fix a Leaking Kitchen Faucet – DIY

Kitchen sink faucets are an essential part of a home’s plumbing system and provide hot and cold water on demand. However, like most household systems, these can need repair or replacement periodically. Dripping or leaking faucets are a common issue in many homes and can have a number of different possible causes. Whether from [...]

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Installing a French Drain – DIY

Negative grading around a home. Proper drainage around a home is something that is often overlooked. Inadequate drainage could lead to foundation settling, moisture intrusion and mold growth issues. Many homes have improper grading issues that can allow water to drain up against a foundation. For homes in areas with expansive soil [...]

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