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Kickout Flashing – Code Confusion

Kickout flashing that is too small Kickout flashing, also referred to as diverter flashing, is intended to prevent water intrusion into building structural components and direct it back to the exterior. Although this flashing detail has been required by IRC for more than a decade, old habits appear to have stayed in [...]

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How to Fix Damaged Drywall

Drywall is the standard wall covering for homes built in the 2nd half of the 20th century and homes built in the 21st century. It is inexpensive and inexpensive to install. It is also a material that is easily damaged and being able to do drywall repair can help a homeowner save a significant [...]

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What is Water Hammer?

If you’ve ever heard loud banging coming from behind the walls when running water at a fixture such as a washing machine, sink, or other plumbing appliance, you may have experienced the phenomenon known as water hammer. While this can be both a loud and annoying phenomenon, this can also cause damage to your [...]

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Common Asbestos-Containing Materials

Asbestos Tape While some materials such as copper have been used for millenia and continue to be used today, others are no longer widely used for many different reasons (lead paint, radium, etc.) One such product that has been widely discontinued and was previously used on a massive scale, particularly in the [...]

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When to Test your Well Water (And What to Test For)

One of the most important advancements in both health and convenience is access to a clean water supply. With the average household in the U.S. using approximately 300 gallons of water per day, a clean water supply is critical. While most homes in the U.S. are connected to a public water system, an estimated [...]

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How to Seal Holes in the Garage Firewall

An attached garage is a great place to keep your car warm and out of the weather. It is also a convenient place to store your belongings, work on small projects, or set up workout equipment. However, the garage can also be a significant safety and health hazard for the occupants of the home. [...]

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How to Refinish a Deck

Many of the decks that we inspect have finish coatings that are at or past the end of their useful service life. In our wet climate, maintaining a protective finish coating on the deck can do as much as double the service life of a deck. Failing to do so will allow the deck [...]

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How to Replace a Three-Way Switch

Three-way switches for lighting in a home provide a way to control one light with two separate switches in two different locations. Three way switches are primarily found in hallways and stairwells, but can also be found in rooms with multiple entry and exit points, or in larger sized rooms. The point of a [...]

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What are Pushmatic / Bulldog Electrical Panels?

There are a few different electrical panel brands that home inspectors look for in a home that are potentially dangerous and defective. When these types of panels are found, most home inspectors will recommend having a licensed electrical contractor replace them, or evaluate the panels to determine whether they should be replaced. There is [...]

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How to Correct a Misaligned Door Latch

A common problem with doors in a home is a misaligned latch that does not allow the door to stay close. This is an annoying problem that can be caused by a variety of reasons, but most of the time, repairs can be pretty simple. There are several tricks that can be used to [...]

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