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How to treat moss on a roof?

Moss spores are air-borne and find their way onto roofs via wind. Once the spores get on the roof, they adhere to the shingles and start growing into thick moss. Since moss does well in a wet climate, areas of the roof that get the least amount of direct sunlight are most likely to [...]

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3 prong versus 4 prong outlets for dryers. What can be done?

When homeowners with older dryers that have 3-prong connections move into a property with a newer 4-slot outlet, they may be confused about why their dryer cord doesn’t work. Their dryer cord doesn’t plug into the wall outlet and they’re not sure what the problem is. This situation is common and the fix for [...]

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What is combustion air and why do you need it?

The use of fire has been an integral part of human evolution and civilization throughout the ages. As humans were able to learn how to control fire, we were able to spend more time during the darker hours of the day on cultural development. The use of fire enabled people to have some downtime [...]

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Why you shouldn’t select an “interior only” home inspection.

Many home inspectors offer what is called an “interior only” home inspection for condos and townhomes. Oftentimes, the cost for an interior only home inspection is less than a full general home inspection since it takes less time to inspect and report on an interior only inspection. These types of inspections are meant for [...]

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Maintenance For Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Regular maintenance is the best way to help extend the life of the various components within a home and to keep them operating properly. One of the most important areas of a home is the roof, which serves to protect the interior from rain, hail, debris, and wind. Regularly cleaning and performing preventative maintenance [...]

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Hose Bib Backflow Preventers and Vacuum Breakers

Maintaining water safety and quality in a home is an extremely important part of regular home maintenance and repairs. With the majority of households in the U.S. drinking tap water (71%), keeping impurities and contaminants out of the potable water supply is critical. While city water from the street is regularly inspected and treated [...]

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Manufactured Home Flashing

One thing you are likely to never see while inspecting a manufactured home is horizontal flashing. In fact, sometimes no flashing is installed on the entire exterior of the home. Rather than rely on metal flashing materials, manufacturers simply apply copious amounts of sealant (often incorrectly). The problem with sealant dependent areas is that [...]

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What are Zinsco electrical panels?

Zinsco (also known as Magnetrip, Sylvania, and Challenger) electrical panels are among the known types of electrical panels that are considered to be dangerous. Just like many other electrical panel manufacturers, the Zinsco brand went through a series of equipment design and company ownership changes. This is why you may be able to find [...]

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How to Fix a Loose Deck Guardrail

For many people, having an outdoor living space is an important factor when considering the purchase of a property. Homes with decks and patios enable homeowners to enjoy the outdoors in a way that can keep them out of the dirt and mud, and often are used as outdoor cooking areas for barbeques and [...]

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How to Fix a Loose Shower Head

A common plumbing fixture in a home, showers are a modern convenience that provide clean water for bathing activities while using less water than a traditional bath. While showers typically don’t require much maintenance beyond regular cleaning and periodic replacement of deteriorated sealant, some components can require repair or replacement as they age, such [...]

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