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Home Inspection Redmond, Oregon

Home Inspection Redmond, Oregon

Nonprofit Home Inspections will provide top-quality, dependable home inspections in Redmond, Oregon and the nearby communities of Bend, Tumalo, and Sisters.

A home inspection is a critical part of any real estate transaction. Buyers — waiving a home inspection is taking a gamble on what might be one of the biggest purchases of your life. Choose to opt-out of the home inspection and you could very well run into unexpected issues down the road with your new home.


That cute Cape Cod house that you are set on might look perfect — but under the fresh coat of paint, there could be hiding major problems — a leak in your attic, rotten beams in the crawl space, or a gas appliance that is not vented correctly.

A home inspection can uncover problems that aren’t readily apparent even to the most astute observer. Home inspectors are trained to look beyond what you would typically pick up during a home walk-through.


Home inspections are also useful for current homeowners and sellers. For homeowners, a home inspection makes upkeep easier by identifying problems early. Inspectors also provide useful information and tips to help you better maintain your home.


For sellers, a Redmond, Oregon home inspection can help make the process of selling your home easier. You’ll know ahead of time what issues a homebuyers’ inspection might uncover. You can then deal with those issues on your terms instead of the buyers.

What Does A Redmond, Oregon Home Inspection Cover?

Home Inspector Redmond, Oregon

Home Inspector Redmond, Oregon

So, what do you get with a full home inspection? Here are some of the things that we look at, as well as some questions that a home inspection can answer.

Exterior and Grounds

We’ll check the grounds and exterior walls and trim of your home. You’ll know what kind of material (aluminum siding, stucco, vinyl, etc.) is on the exterior and whether or not it is in good shape. Our inspectors also look at the condition of the exterior paint or stain. If there is evidence of flaking or cracking, you’ll know.

We also check the grounds for proper site drainage. We look at the condition of exterior buildings, landscaping, and driveways.

Basement / Crawl Space

If you have a basement or a crawl space, we’ll inspect it. We’ll look for signs of moisture, pests, and water damage. We’ll let you know if you have enough insulation and its condition. We also look for stains or cracks on the side of the foundation wall that could indicate a problem with the structure. If your house has an accessible crawl space, it will be inspected for similar problems.


A home inspection will tell you what kind of foundation you have and its condition. We look for cracks in the foundation. We also examine windows, doors, walls, ceilings, and structural components for signs of foundation problems.


If your roof is accessible, we’ll inspect it. We’ll let you know what materials were used for your roof (e.g. composition or wood shingles). The inspector will look for problems with your roof, such as dirty vents, loose gutters, and improperly installed roofing materials.


Home Inspector Redmond OR

Home Inspector Redmond OR

While you might be more focused on things like the condition of the carpeting or wallpaper, a home inspector will look at these things, as well as signs of critical structural problems, such as uneven floors and walls. We’ll also examine your flooring materials and let you know what they are made of. We look at things like wood trim, wall coverings, and paint to make sure they are in good shape and installed correctly.


During the kitchen portion of the inspection, the inspector will carefully examine the built-in appliances to determine their age and what kind of condition they are in. This will give you an idea of when they might need to be replaced. We also check the kitchen drainage, electrical outlets, and exhaust fan operation.


We examine your electrical system to make sure it is adequate for the home. We also look at the safety of your electrical system. We’ll let you know of any exposed wires, loose electrical cables and more. The inspector will check your fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We’ll check the service panel and let you know whether or not it has been installed correctly.


Plumbing is a very important part of your home’s functionality. We’ll look at the condition of your pipes and fixtures. Some of the things that we look for include damaged pipes, water pump functionality, and the age and condition of your water heater.

Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

We’ll do a thorough check of your HVAC system. You’ll know whether or not it is operating correctly all through your house. We’ll let you know about the shape of your ductwork. A home inspection can uncover issues like open seams on flues, among other things.


The attic is another component of a home inspection. We look for evidence of water penetration, such as stains on the underside of the roof. We’ll let you know if there is enough insulation and what kind of condition it is in.

Additional Home Inspection Services In Redmond, Oregon

As you can see, our full home inspections are pretty thorough. However, no standard home inspection can find every problem. Sometimes, additional tests are needed to uncover issues. Here are some of the additional home inspections that we offer:

  • Radon Testing– Radon is an environmental toxin (radioactive gas) that can pose considerable health risks for occupants of a home. Radon is fairly common in homes, both old and new. A buildup of this radioactive gas can occur in any home regardless of age, location, or size of the house. If elevated radon levels are found during testing, you can use this information to negotiate for the cost of remediation.
  • Sewer scopes – A regular home inspection will not determine the condition or integrity of the sewer lines. Specialized video equipment is needed to examine these things. Therefore, we recommend opting for a sewer scope, especially if your home is more than 20 years old or if trees are planted on or near your property.

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