Home Inspection Sunriver, Oregon

Home Inspector Sunriver, Oregon

Home Inspector Sunriver, Oregon

Nonprofit Home Inspections will provide trustworthy, affordable home inspections, mold testing, and mobile home inspections in Sunriver, Tumalo, and Bend, Oregon.

Are you in the market for a new home? Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or purchasing a vacation home, you need a Sunriver, Oregon home inspection. Don’t skip this important step — even if everything looked great when you walked through the house. It is difficult to spot electrical and plumbing problems unless you are specifically trained to do so. Sunriver OR home inspectors have the knowledge, experience, and tools to thoroughly check things out. Plus, if you are like many buyers, the idea of getting down on your hands and knees and squirming into the crawl space is not pleasant. A home inspector will check out areas that you might not be able to easily access like the crawl space, attic, and roof.

We encourage home sellers to have pre-listing home inspections too. A home inspection can help make the process of selling your home a lot easier. Most buyers opt for a home inspection. It is a contingency that is written into most offers. If the home inspection reveals problems with your home, the buyer can renegotiate or possibly even cancel the sale altogether. Rather than waiting for the buyer’s inspection — do your own inspection before you even list your home.

A Sunriver, Oregon home inspection will provide a detailed look at all of the main systems and components of your home. The inspector will examine areas of your home that you may just not pay much attention to — like your sump pump and drainage system. Even if you change your mind and decide not to put your home on the market, a home inspection can be very useful. It can help you keep on top of maintenance issues and plan for major repairs.

Why Choose Nonprofit Home Inspections?

Nonprofit Home Inspections has grown to become one of the largest home inspection companies in Oregon. Due to our outstanding success in Portland and the surrounding communities, we are not expanding into the Sunriver OR area.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider us as your Sunriver, OR home inspectors:

  • We are licensed, professional home inspectors – At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we are licensed by the state of Oregon to conduct home inspections. Most of our inspectors hold multiple certifications and licenses. We are also certified by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants to conduct mold and radon tests.
  • We conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty and integrity – Our founder Charles Lewis established Nonprofit Home Inspections to make quality home inspections available to all homeowners. We hire home inspectors who align with our nonprofit mission. Therefore, we aim to provide reliable and trustworthy home inspections every time. We never rush through inspections to get the job done. We take our time and provide accurate reports.
  • You will receive helpful, detailed reports – Some inspectors still use carbon copy, plain printed home inspection reports. We use exclusive software to create in-depth and interactive reports. Our reports feature hyperlinks that you can follow to learn more information about our findings. We include lots of color photos in our reports, as well as videos, where appropriate. These helpful reports make our findings clear and easy-to-understand.
  • We include free thermal imaging with every full home inspection report – We use advanced infrared imaging to reveal what can’t be seen with the naked eye. This technology allows us to find defects that other home inspectors might miss.

What Home Inspection Services Do I Need?

Home Inspection Sunriver, Oregon

Home Inspection Sunriver, Oregon

Are you wondering what home inspections you need? We do both standard and mobile home inspections. Also, we offer radon, mold, and sewer scope inspections. Talk to your inspector to learn more.

Full Home Inspections

A full home inspection is a thorough comprehensive inspection that covers most of the major areas and systems within your home — both inside and out. Here are some of the basics covered during a full home inspection.

  • Roof – We’ll look for chimney damage, loose shingles, and moisture problems. We also examine the vents and gutters.
  • Exterior surfaces – What is the siding material? Is there are any damage to exterior surfaces or siding? What is the condition of the paint?
  • Foundation – Is there any evidence of problems with the foundation, such as cracks in the walls or ceiling?
  • Attic – Is there proper ventilation? Any evidence of water penetration? How much insulation is present? Is it sufficient for the size of the house?
  • Plumbing – Are there any damaged or leaky pipes? Do all of the drains work properly? Are fixtures in good shape?
  • Electrical system – Is there any corrosion in the main electrical panel? Are the circuit breakers correctly sized? Do the exhaust fans work properly? Do all of the smoke and fire detectors work as they should? Are light fixtures safe and in good condition? Do the exhaust fans all operate correctly?
  • Kitchen – Do all of the built-in appliances work properly? Are the countertop and cabinets in good condition?
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) – How old is the HVAC equipment? Does it operate correctly? Approximately when will major components need to be replaced? What factors can help lengthen the lifespan of the equipment?

Mobile Home Inspections

Are you thinking of buying a mobile home? If so, then it will need to be inspected. A mobile home inspection can help uncover water damage, wiring issues, leaky main sewage pipes, and other problems. Because mobile home inspections are different than standard ones, it is important to choose an inspector who is qualified to conduct mobile home inspections.

At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we have earned additional certification allowing us to conduct mobile home inspections. Our inspectors are certified to provide mobile home inspections in Sunriver, Oregon.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Home Inspection

Do you need a home inspection? We provide quality home inspections in Sunriver, Bend, Tumalo, Oregon, and the surrounding communities. Contact us at 541-306-6326 or schedule your Sunriver, Oregon home inspection online.