Thank you for scheduling a home inspection with us! We are committed to maintaining a safe inspection process for our clients, employees, real estate agents and home occupants. Please find below more information concerning steps we need to take for any home inspection we perform. These requirements were agreed to when the appointment was scheduled online (updated 7/1/21).

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Nonprofit Home Inspections is taking the following precautions in order to better protect our clients, employees, real estate agents and the home’s occupants. By scheduling an appointment with us, clients and real estate agents agree to abide by the following safety requirements.

  • Everyone present at the inspection must wear a mask and must maintain at least a 6 foot distance from the home inspector at all times.
  • Clients and agents may be present in the home while the inspection is taking place, but should not follow the inspector around the home.
  • Interaction with the home inspector inside the home should be as limited as possible.
  • Real estate agents are encouraged to send the inspector a contractor’s code for access to a vacant home.
  • If requested, the inspector can discuss inspection findings at the end of the inspection while outside of the home when everyone remains fully masked.
  • Inspectors may wear a combination of personal protective equipment (including respirators, masks, etc.).
  • Inspectors will use company supplied hand sanitizer and will wash their hands frequently using their own towel.
  • Inspectors will not shake hands, fist bump or elbow bump.
  • Inspectors will avoid touching their own faces.
  • None of our inspectors or employees will work when they have a fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  • Real estate agents and our clients should ask the home’s occupants if anyone in the house to be inspected has flu-like symptoms including a fever, cough or shortness of breath. If so, we’ll help coordinate an inspection at a different time.
  • If anyone nearby is coughing or visibly sick, the inspection will be stopped and rescheduled.

All inspectors are available by phone or video conference after the inspection for follow up questions. By working together, we can continue providing outstanding home inspections while better protecting our clients, employees, real estate agents and the home’s occupants.

Please note that these requirements are very important safety precautions. Because we are regulated by multiple government agencies (and because we want to keep everyone safe), these requirements may be more stringent than those required by any one jurisdiction. However, these requirements cannot be modified by the home inspectors, real estate agents, the home’s owners or any other entity. If you do not want to follow these requirements, please let your home inspector know immediately and we will cancel the appointment. If these requirements are not followed on site, the inspector is required by company policy to cancel the appointment and to leave. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are subject to the $200 late cancellation fee.

Nonprofit Home Inspections’ efforts to combat Covid-19 for the safety of our clients, real estate agents, home occupants and inspectors was featured in the Oregonian here:

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