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Home Inspector Sherwood Oregon

Home Inspector Sherwood Oregon

Home Inspection Sherwood, Oregon: Offering mold testing, radon testing, oil tank sweeps, full home inspections, and mobile home inspections to residents of Sherwood, OR and the surrounding communities.

A home inspection is one of the most important parts of a real estate deal for buyers and sellers. For buyers, it can help you identify problems that might not be readily apparent from a walkthrough. Even if you have found your dream home, you should still opt for a home inspection. A home inspection can help you identify problems that can drain your pocketbook down the road. It can also provide you with important information to help protect your investment.

As a home seller, a home inspection is a great investment, as well. It helps you identify, before you put your home on the market, things that buyers might want repaired. Armed with a home inspection, you can more accurately price your home. It lets you factor repairs into your asking price. A home inspection can also help identify your home’s strengths, which you can highlight when you list your home.

Sherwood, Oregon Home Inspectors

If you are looking for an honest analysis of your home’s condition, then choose us for your inspection. Our mission is to deliver high-quality home inspection services with the goal of ensuring that all of our neighbors have a safe, healthy, and energy-efficient place to live.

As a nonprofit organization, our focus is on our community. We treat each and every customer like a member of our own family. Our inspectors will take extra care to provide a detailed, honest opinion of the condition of various components of your home.

Sherwood, OR Full Home Inspections

A full home inspection is a visual inspection of your home from the roof to the foundation. Here are some things that we cover during a full home inspection:

  • Basement or crawl space
  • Roof – Shingles, skylights, chimneys, flashing, gutters, downspouts
  • Attic including the ventilation and insulation
  • Heating and cooling system – Fireplaces, thermostats, and vents
  • Interior electrical system – Panel, wiring, electrical outlets, and ground fault circuit interrupters (“GFCI”).
  • Indoor plumbing – Water heater, faucets, and drains.
  • Structural components, such as the floors, ceilings, and walls.
  • Site and lot – Sidewalks, porches, steps, and walkways.
  • Major appliances – Built-in stove, refrigerator, dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions About Sherwood, OR Home Inspections (FAQs)

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions about home inspections.

Why Should I Choose You For My Home Inspection?

Sherwood Oregon Home Inspection

Sherwood Oregon Home Inspection

Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose Nonprofit Home Inspections for your Sherwood, OR inspection.

  • We are honest. All of our home inspectors are trustworthy and committed to excellence. As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to our community and focused on providing high-quality inspections to our neighbors. Our goal is ensuring that all members of our community have a safe and comfortable place to live. Learn more about our organization here.
  • We are highly-trained. At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we hire only licensed and / or certified home inspectors. Our inspectors have extensive experience in home construction and inspection. On top of that, they have completed rigorous home inspector training programs or education. This training ensures that they provide only high-quality home inspections.
  • We are affordable. Our home inspections are affordable. Full home inspections start at just $395. Additionally, we offer sliding fees based on income. See if you qualify for reduced home inspection fees.
  • We offer same-day reports. Some home inspection companies take days to finish home inspection reports. When buying or selling a house, days can seem like months. Sellers favor buyers who act quickly. This is why we offer same-day reports. You will be able to access the report via the internet at your convenience. The report can also be quickly and easily forwarded to your real estate agent or other interested parties.
  • We use the latest equipment. At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment because we want to ensure that our customers get the very best home inspection report possible.

Do You Inspect For Mold?

Our regular full home inspections do not include mold testing. If we see signs of water intrusion or mold during a home inspection, we will let you know. However, it is not always possible to uncover mold issues during a full home inspection. Plus, for accurate results, mold spore traps must be sent to a laboratory that specializes in this testing for analysis. Therefore, we recommend adding official mold testing onto your home inspection.

If you opt for mold testing, we will send samples of the mold spore traps to an accredited laboratory for detailed analysis. You’ll get a MoldReport™ that lets you know what types of mold spores are present and the exposure level inside the home. This easy-to-read report provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the home.

What Is Radon?

If you are buying or selling a house, you might have heard of radon. The term has been coming up a lot lately in real estate transactions. Radon is a naturally-occurring radon gas that forms when uranium decays. It is present in the soil and usually enters homes through the foundation or basement, where it then moves up through the upper levels in the home.

Radon is found in soil all over the United States. It can occur in homes old and new. Radon is invisible and odorless. The problem with radon is that it is linked with lung cancer. According to the United States Surgeon General, radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, second only to cigarette smoke. The only way to know that it is present is with testing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that all buyers and sellers have radon testing. Fortunately, testing is cheap and effective. At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we offer FREE radon test kits to those who qualify.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Are you looking for affordable Sherwood, OR home inspection services? We offer several promotional codes on our services to help you save money on your home inspection. We also offer a sliding fee scale. This allows you to receive a home inspection based on your income.

Contact Us To Schedule A Sherwood, OR Home Inspection

It is easy to schedule a Sherwood, Oregon home inspection with us. For questions, simply call us at 503-505-7870 or email us. For your convenience, we offer flexible appointment times and quick call-backs. You can also schedule online 24/7.

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