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Home Inspection La Center, WA

Home Inspection La Center, WA

After looking at dozens of houses, you’ve finally found your dream home. You’re all set and can already imagine your furniture in this house. Best of all, you already have financing and the seller has accepted your offer. Now, all you have to do is wait for closing, right? Not so fast, don’t forget the most important part of buying a house — the home inspection.

While you might consider skipping the home inspection as it is optional, doing so can cause tons of problems later. Buying a home is probably the biggest investment that you will make in your life. Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll want to have a professional home inspection.

Why Have A Home Inspection?

Wondering why you should get a home inspection? A home inspection can help spot red flags that might tell you that your dream home could be more trouble than it is worth.

For sellers, it lets you know about potential things that could derail a home sale. A home inspection helps you be more proactive and make essential repairs early, which can speed up your sale.

A professional home inspection is not only a great idea for buyers and sellers but for current homeowners, as well. Want to know if you have a water leak somewhere in your home? A home inspection can put your mind at ease. It also helps you prioritize maintenance and repairs. You might choose to wait on building that new deck knowing that you will need to replace your central air conditioning unit soon.

What Things Does A Home Inspector Examine?

A full home inspection includes a detailed assessment of your home’s condition. We’ll alert you to costly repairs that could be in your future, potential health and safety issues and what steps you can take to keep your new or current home in tip-top shape. Here are some of the questions that a home inspection can help answer:


  • Will the landscaping, trees, and yard impact the home?
  • Are the railings on stairs and decks safe and secure?
  • What is the condition of the sidewalks, patios, and walkways?
  • Is there proper grading and drainage away from the house?
  • Is there evidence of termite damage to exterior structures like decks, detached garages, fences and more?


  • Are there cracked or broken shingles?
  • Is there evidence of mold on skylights and other openings?
  • What shape is the flashing in?
  • Is there excess tar or sealant?
  • Are there enough roof vents?
  • Are chimneys damaged or cracked?
  • Do the fascia and soffits have signs of decay or staining?

Basement, Foundation, and Crawl Space

Home Inspection La Center, Washington

Home Inspection La Center, Washington

  • Is the foundation cracked?
  • Is wood damaged, stained or decayed?
  • Is there any evidence of moisture intrusion or water damage?
  • What shape is the insulation in that separates the crawl space from the heated areas? Is it adequate?
  • Is the crawl space adequately vented?
  • Is there any evidence of termite or insect damage?

Heating and Cooling System (HVAC)

  • Does the heating and air conditioning system work properly? Is there adequate airflow?
  • Are the thermostat’s all functioning properly?
  • Is there any rust around the cooling unit?
  • Is the ductwork in good condition?
  • Are filters installed and clean?
  • Is there possibly asbestos on any of the water or heating pipes?
  • Is the heating system vented properly?


  • Does the service panel have adequate capacity for the size of the house?
  • Are all the wires attached properly?
  • Are the breakers or fuses overheating?
  • Are the smoke and fire detectors in working condition? Are they located in the correct areas?
  • Are there any exposed splices or other hazards?

Additional Home Inspections Services

As you can see from the above, a full home inspection covers a lot of ground. However, there are some things that are impossible to uncover during a regular home inspection because special equipment or tests are needed. Fortunately, you can easily add additional home inspections to test for health and safety hazards. Here are some home inspections that we recommend.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that radon testing is done with each and every real estate transaction. They have made this recommendation because radon is a known carcinogen that damages human cells. Radon is naturally formed when uranium decays. Radon enters homes through cracks in foundations, basements, and floors. It is surprisingly common in both new and old homes all over the country. Because houses are built to be airtight, radon has no way of escaping once it enters your home. It builds up over time. This silent and deadly gas has no odor, taste, or color. So, is impossible to know whether or not you have high levels of radon in your home without professional testing.


We recommend a sewer scope whenever you sell or buy a home. A sewer scope can also help current homeowners uncover potential problems like eroding pipes and clogged or damaged lines. We use specialized equipment to carefully examine your sewer system. We’ll let you know the condition of your pipes, as well as any potential issues like blocked lines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections

Is A Home Inspection The Same As An Appraisal?

A home inspection is not the same as an appraisal. An appraisal is not a substitution for a home inspection. An appraiser is mainly concerned with the value of the home. In most cases, appraisals are performed for lenders. An appraisal will not alert you to possible safety issues that could be lurking within your home. It will not let you know about the condition of your air conditioning system or roof. It won’t provide you with a detailed report of the condition of your home. However, an inspection will do all of the above. A home inspection helps protect your investment while an appraisal protects the bank’s interest.

Can You Tell Me Whether Or Not I Should Buy The House?

We cannot tell you whether or not you should purchase a house. We provide you with lots of useful information though, so you will be confident in making the correct decision for you and your family.

Can You Find Out Everything Wrong With A House?

No, a typical home inspection cannot tell you everything that is wrong with a house, which is why we recommend having the supplemental home inspections listed above.

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Examples of some problems found in a La Center home inspection.

La Center home inspection.

Nonprofit Home Inspections currently offers inspections in La Center and the surrounding Clark County area. Since La Center receives over 40 inches of rain annually, our inspectors use thermal imaging cameras to help detect water intrusion in the home. With the added advantage of this technology, our inspectors can more easily find areas of moisture intrusion without disturbing drywall and other construction material.

Located on the I-5 corridor 30 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, La Center sits in a suburban area with easy access to city amenities and countryside natural beauty. Sitting at the heart of one of the fastest growing counties in Washington State, La Center offers a small town feel with access to metropolitan entertainment.

La Center has a rich history, beginning with the Cowlitz Indian tribe who first called this area home. After the settlement of the area, beginning with Fort Vancouver 15 miles to the south, La Center became an important business head of the eastern fork of the Lewis River in the 1870’s. As steam powered paddle-wheelers made their way to Portland during the late summer, low water levels often disrupted their journey. Passengers and freight were then transferred to scows and pulled upriver by horse.

With the iLani Casino Resort only a few miles down the road, there is no lack of entertainment in La Center. For outdoor activities, the Heritage Park and Trail provide an endless amount of fishing, hiking, swimming, and kayaking. With a population of around 3,000 people, La Center maintains a small town feel, with proximity to the larger Portland metro area.

La Center Home Inspection

Nonprofit Home Inspections strives to provide you with detailed reports that focus on giving you the maximum amount of information regarding the functionality of your home. Many of our inspectors live in the Clark County area, giving them insights towards the special issues that are present in this region.

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