Home Inspection – Stevenson, Washington

Home Inspector - Stevenson, Washington

Home Inspector – Stevenson, Washington

Are you buying a new home and trying to decide if you need a Stevenson, WA home inspection? In today’s competitive market, you might be tempted to opt-out of the home inspection to make your offer more appealing. However, this is a big mistake. You could easily get burned. When you opt-out of the home inspection, you have to rely on the seller to provide complete and accurate information about the home. Some sellers just don’t know about issues. Other unscrupulous sellers may try to cover up problems. The best way to learn about the home that you are buying is through a home inspection. A home inspector will provide an impartial educated opinion about the condition of the home that you are buying.

Why Choose Us for Your Stevenson, Washington Home Inspection

There is a lot that goes into buying or selling a home. We can make the process a little easier with a thorough home inspection.

  • Experienced – Our inspectors have years of combined experience in the building and construction trades. They have a wide variety of experience from building homes to building infrastructure. Besides, they are constantly staying on top of changes in home inspection with ongoing training and education.
  • Qualified – Our team members are licensed Washington Home Inspectors. We are certified by InterNACHI to conduct radon and mold inspections. Our other certifications include Safe Workplace Inspector, Deck Inspector, Roof Inspector, Exterior Inspector, Crawl Space Inspector, Moisture Intrusion Inspector, Kitchen Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, and more.
  • Honest – We conduct every home inspection with the utmost integrity. As such, we follow the strict Washington Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.
  • Unbiased inspections – As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to make home inspections more accessible to everyone. You can rest assured that you are getting an honest, fair inspection when you choose us.
  • Detailed, helpful reports – At the end of your inspection, you will receive a detailed, comprehensive home inspection report. Our reports are personalized, detailed, and well-written. They contain lots of information to help you understand our findings. We even include photos and videos to illustrate defects in our reports.

Type of Home Inspections – Stevenson, WA

Are you buying your first fixer-upper and want to know what inspections you need? Maybe you are getting ready to put your home on the market and wonder what home inspections to spring for.

Full Home Inspections

Home Inspection - Stevenson, Washington

Home Inspection – Stevenson, Washington

These are standard home inspections. They are ideal for most homes unless you are buying a manufactured house. Then, you will want to choose a mobile home inspection instead. A full home inspection covers just about every accessible system in a home from the exterior to the interior. Here are some of the things that we look at during full home inspections.

  • Exterior – Siding, trim, stucco, paint, porches, decks, fences, windows, doors, storm doors, mailbox, driveway, doorbell.
  • Lot – Grading, drainage, landscaping.
  • Roof – Condition of shingles, skylights, vents, gutters, downspouts, soffits, fascia.
  • Attic – Ventilation, and insulation.
  • Interior – Walls, doors, ceilings, floors, baseboards, trim, closets, skylights, stairs, landings, railings.
  • Basement – Condition of foundation, ceiling height, smoke detectors, stairs, handrails.
  • Crawl space – Wiring, structure, sump pump operation; evidence of standing water, pests, and other issues.
  • Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves – Tiles, hearth, crown, damper, visible flues, liners, chimney outlets.
  • Kitchen – Built-in appliances, exhaust fans, countertops, cabinets.
  • Foundation and structure – Cracks in the foundation, walls, or floors. Doors and windows that don’t open and close properly. Uneven floors. Gaps around windows or door frames.
  • Garage – Storage, garage door opener, lights.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) – the life expectancy of air conditioning and heating equipment, the efficiency of equipment, thermostats.
  • Plumbing – Hot water heater, pipes, drains, fixtures.
  • Electrical – Light switches, power outlets, main electrical panel, outdoor lighting, GFCI outlets in kitchen and bathrooms.

Add-On Stevenson, WA Home Inspections

The following are add-ons to our full home inspections and mobile home inspections.

Stevenson, WA Radon Testing

Radon is a dense radioactive gas that seeps up through the soil. It occurs naturally when uranium decays. When radon enters a building, it can become trapped and build up over time.

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Breathing in elevated levels of this gas is a serious health risk.

Radon cannot be detected without special testing. It does not have an odor, color, or taste. The only way to know the level of radon in your home is with radon testing. Every home in Washington should be tested for radon, according to Washington health officials. If high levels of radon are found, it is relatively inexpensive and safe to fix in most cases.

Stevenson, WA Sewer Scope Inspections

Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their sewer lines. Homebuyers are also usually focused on other aspects of the house. When the sewer system works well, you could easily forget that it is even there. However, when things go wrong — when lines crack or become blocked by tree roots, you’ll realize just how important your sewer lines are to your home. Sewer repairs can easily climb into the thousands — especially when excavation is needed. To truly understand the condition of your sewer system, specialized equipment is needed to go deep into the pipes. We offer sewer scope inspections using the latest professional equipment. If you are buying a home over 20 years old, a sewer scope inspection is a must. It is a good idea to opt for these inspections on newer homes too, as there could be defects in brand new lines.

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