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When it comes to selecting an inspection for the most important purchase in your life, get unbiased results from Nonprofit Home Inspections.

With a Nonprofit Mission

Our certified nonprofit home inspectors are looking out for your best interests.

Same Day Reports

Because time is of the essence when conducting a real estate transaction, we guarantee same day reports for our home inspections.

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Don’t wait a week or more for results from the other guys. Get guaranteed same day reports with us. Schedule online today!

Thermal Imaging

NHI uses thermal imaging on all home inspections to find and identify problem areas including faulty electrical outlets and water intrusion problems.

Find Hidden Defects

Unless you can see through walls, don’t settle for any inspection that does not use thermal imaging.

Portland Home Inspection

Our #1 priority is you, the client. While every home will have its own set of challenges, we believe that it is better to know up front what you are dealing with.  Armed with our easy to understand inspection report and the knowledge it provides, you can enter into real estate transactions confident that you know exactly what you are getting into.  Knowledge is power, and knowing more about your potential new home will help you better negotiate on price and other concessions.  As a nonprofit organization, our only goal is helping you make safe, financially sound, and environmentally friendly housing decisions.  You can count on us.

Portland Home Inspectors

Our highly trained, certified home inspectors are looking out for your best interests.  As a nonprofit organization, we’re able to direct our resources towards fulfilling our mission of providing you with the knowledge necessary to make safe, financially sound, and environmentally friendly housing decisions.  What’s more, by using Nonprofit Home Inspections for your home, you’re also helping low income families all around Oregon and Washington realize their dreams as well.  Thank you!

Portland home inspections

Nonprofit Home Inspections is unique in the home inspection industry in that we’ve got a charitable purpose and are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  In addition to providing outstanding inspections for the general public, Nonprofit Home Inspections offers our services free of charge to other nonprofit organizations that serve low-income populations. In addition, all of our home inspection services are offered on a sliding scale so that everyone can afford to have their own healthy homes regardless of income.

Nonprofit Home Inspections is also unique in that we are also licensed general contractors.  We believe that in order to best understand your home as a complete system, an inspector must have experience actually building and remodeling homes.  From pouring concrete foundations to installing wind turbines, our inspectors have real world experience in construction that we put to work for you.

Oregon and Washington Home Inspections

Free radon test

Free Radon Test for Moderate and Low Income Families

Nonprofit Home Inspections is excited to partner with the Oregon Radon Awareness Program at the Oregon Health Authority to offer free radon test kits for moderate and low income families in Oregon or Washington. Two hundred radon test kits are available (one per household) in 2023. As the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers, identifying elevated radon levels can save lives. See if you qualify and request a free radon test kit today.

  • Roof Condition

  • Structural Issues

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Electrical Service

  • Site Topography

  • Operable Windows

  • Major Appliances

  • Insulation Check

  • Plumbing Condition

  • Electrical Problems

  • Decks and Stairs

  • Tripping Hazards

  • Bathroom Fixtures

  • Counters

  • Dishwasher

  • Gutters and Downspouts

  • Flashing

  • Garage Doors

  • Water Intrusion

  • Mold

  • Asbestos

  • Termites

  • Hand Rails

  • Drywall

  • Water Heaters

  • Siding

  • Foundation

Licenses and Certifications: The Proof Is In The Pudding

As a nonprofit organization, NHI is able to invest a considerable amount into our Portland Home Inspectors.  Freed from onerous franchise requirements or a for-profit mentality, we hire the best inspectors and keep them that way with on-going educational opportunities and training.  The end result is that you receive a professional, easy to understand report that you can count on.  Please scroll through the licenses and certifications below to find out more about how we go above and beyond for you.

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