Nonprofit Home Inspections is offering a free radon test kit for moderate and low income families in Oregon and Washington.  There are 300 test kits available in 2023 on a first come first served basis.  Only one free test kit per home please. Kits are available for families anywhere in Oregon or Washington.

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and contributes to 21,000 deaths a year. Elevated radon levels can vary widely around the Pacific Northwest. For example, approximately 25% of the homes in the Portland metropolitan area have elevated radon levels.  Radon mitigation is relatively straight forward if you know that you have a problem, but testing is the first step.

In order to qualify for the free test kit for us, families must meet the following income criteria:

Number of People in Your Household Yearly Gross Household Income (before taxes, etc.) Monthly Gross Household Income (before taxes, etc.)
1 $41,100 $3,425
2 $46,950 $3,912
3 $52,800 $4,400
4 $58,650 $4,887
5 $63,650 $5,279
6 $68,050 $5,670
7 $72,750 $6,062
8 $77,450 $6,454

By requesting a free radon test, you verify that you meet these income guidelines.

Nonprofit Home Inspections is excited to also be partnering with the Oregon Health Authority’s Oregon Radon Awareness Program! The Oregon Health Authority also has free radon test kits for residents in specific zip codes throughout Oregon. To see if you qualify for a free radon test kit from the Oregon Health Authority, please visit their website at

After receipt of your order, we will mail you a test kit along with instructions on how to conduct the test.  Return postage is included with your kit.  After completion of your test, you will receive results directly from the testing laboratory.  We can provide you with additional information and referrals for both professional or DIY mitigation on request if you have elevated levels of radon.  None of your personal information will be shared with any other organization without your approval.

This radon testing kit should not be considered a substitute for professional radon testing and should not be used for real estate transactions.  Nonprofit Home Inspections offers professional radon testing, sewer scopes, mold testing, oil tank sweeps, Portland home inspection and Vancouver home inspection services on a sliding scale.

The free kits are only available for residents in Oregon and Washington. Orders for addresses not in Oregon or Washington will not be processed. If you do not live in Oregon or Washington, you might reach out to your county or state health departments to see if they have kits available.