Promotional Codes

Nonprofit Home Inspections occasionally uses promotional codes to pass on special pricing for our clients. Please find below all of the promotional codes currently offered for our services. Please feel free to add applicable codes to your order when scheduling a home inspection.

Please do not add codes that are not applicable to your order. We check every order for accuracy and adjust pricing accordingly. Please keep the scheduling process as smooth as possible by only using applicable promotional codes.

New Home Construction Sewer Scope – $50 Discount

We offer a $50 discount on sewer scopes for new homes (one or two years old maximum). This can be used for the initial home inspection or for 11 month warranty inspections. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any additional discount and is only available when a sewer scope is scheduled with a full home inspection (i.e. it is not available for stand alone sewer scopes). Please enter the code: NewConstructionSewerScope

Warranty Inspection – $50 Discount

We now offer a $50 discount for warranty inspections on homes where we conducted the initial new home inspection. This promotional code is only available for homes that we have previously inspected. Because we typically find numerous additional defects, homes that were initially inspected by another company should not use this promotional code and are subject to regular pricing. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any additional discount. Please enter the code: Warranty

*** Please note — only one coupon code can be used per inspection. ***