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Home Inspection Beaverton Oregon: 

Nonprofit Home Inspections conducts hundreds of home inspections in Beaverton, Oregon every year. From new home construction to older site built homes, we’ve seen it all. Selecting a local inspection company like Nonprofit Home Inspections is important because we are familiar with defects common to the area and have inspected hundreds of new homes constructed by new home builders in the area. Having seen many of the builders’ work before, we know what specific defects to look for so that you can negotiate for repairs before closing the purchase on your new home.

Nonprofit Home Inspections has the experience and qualified inspectors to inspect your new home in Beaverton, Milwaukie, Aloha, Hillsboro, Sherwood, West Linn, Tualatin, Tigard, Lake Oswego and more. Since the Portland metro area houses over 2 million people, neighboring suburbs are a great place to live and buy a home.

Our Beaverton home inspectors are equipped with modern inspection tools to help give you more information regarding your home. Nonprofit Home Inspections is a mission driven nonprofit that is always looking out for your best interests. When looking for a Beaverton home inspection company, it is especially important to research them beforehand and know what kind of home inspection you are buying. Ensure that your next home inspector, is really looking out for your needs, rather than trying to make a profit. Our mission for every home inspection is to make sure that you are well informed to make one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. Nonprofit Home Inspections works hard to give you as much information about your new home as possible so that you can make informed buying decisions.

Demographics and Statics:

Out of the 95,385 people who live in Beaverton, the city is ranked as the 6th largest major city in Oregon. Beaverton offers a good mix of accommodations for anyone who is interested in living there, and is growing everyday. Beaverton provides a good balance between urban city life, family suburban lifestyles to quite country homes. Beaverton, Oregon roughly encompasses 19.6 square miles of land and is located only 7 miles west of Portland, OR. There are a number of public light rail and bus lines that connect rides to every part of the Portland area. Much like the rest of the Pacific Northwest, the amount of rainfall averages 36 inches per year, and with minimal snowfall. On rare occurrences major snow or rain weather storms strike the area. During the summers in Beaverton, the temperatures average 80 degrees with minimal rainfall about 1-5 inches total.

For more information about demographics, cost of living, homes, and etc… with regards to living in Beaverton, OR you can visit the city website, which is a great resource and available for free.

Highlights of Beaverton, Oregon:

  • Beaverton offers up to 50 square miles of parks and recreation opportunities for families and residents. Take a look at Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) for more information regarding Beaverton park and recreation.
  • Visit the Washington County Museum to learn more about the rich history of the area.
  • Beaverton has a number of libraries and community events. You can find them here or by going to the city’s website and learning more.

Home Inspection in Beaverton:

If you need a Beaverton home inspection be sure to check out our Oregon home inspection webpage to find out more information about what the inspection process looks like and benefits we offer. We are happy to answer any home inspection questions you may have, and please don’t hesitate to contact us!