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NHI's certified inspectors go above and beyond in order to look out for our clients' best interests.

Going above and beyond for Oregon home inspections.

Nonprofit Home Inspections conducts a comprehensive, easy to understand, home inspections according to Oregon or Washington’s Standards of Practices for home inspectors. Learn more about your new home with thermal imaging, home energy reports, water pressure testing, and much more.

Roof: In addition to inspecting the structural integrity of the entire roofing system, we carefully analyze roof coverings, gutters, flashings, vents, trim, skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations.

Attic: Attic inspections include an evaluation of the insulation, ventilation, structural and electrical systems. We also look for signs of water intrusion that may eventually lead to mold problems.

Plumbing: NHI’s plumbing inspections include analysis of water pipes, fixtures, functional flow, hose bibs, sinks, bath tubs, showers, sump pumps, and sewage ejection pumps. We also inspect the hot water heating equipment (including automatic safety controls) and the house’s drain, waste and venting system.

Interior Components: Inspection of the interior includes floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, smoke detectors, railings, counters, cabinets, windows and doors. Special attention is given to identify any signs of water penetration or harmful condensation.

HVAC: Our certified heating and cooling inspectors will inspect furnaces, air conditioners, duct work, wood stoves, gas fireplaces, fans, chimneys, flues, and vents.

Electrical: Electrical inspections involve inspecting the service panel (breakers or fuses), service entrance conductors / clearances, switches, outlets, GFCIs, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, and lighting fixtures.

Foundations, Crawl Spaces, and Basements: When inspecting foundations, crawl spaces, and basements, we look for issues impacting the structure, ventilation, vapor barriers, columns, posts, floors, and walls. If requested, we are also certified to inspect specifically for wood destroying organisms and mold.

Exterior / Siding: The exterior of your house will be inspected including wall siding, flashings, trim, doors, windows, lintels, vents, garage doors, attached decks, porches, balconies, steps, eaves, soffits, and fascias.

Decks: Any attached decks will be inspected for structural issues, proper baluster spacing, stair placement, and any other safety issues.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves: Fireplaces and wood stoves will be inspected for safety issues including proper chimney height, use of an operational damper, and signs of water intrusion.

Built-in Kitchen Appliances: Our inspectors will thoroughly inspect installed dishwashers, ranges, ovens, trash compactors, garbage disposal units, range hoods, microwaves and refrigerators.

Site Analysis: The overall property site will be evaluated including structural issues, site grading, sidewalks, driveways and vegetation clearances.

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Oregon Home Inspection

Frequently asked questions concerning the Oregon home inspection process.

Infrared cameras and thermal imaging is used on all of our home inspections.
Our Certified Home Inspectors generally spend 3 to 4 hours conducting a thorough inspection of your home. Because time is of the essence, we guarantee same day reports via email and are available for follow up inspections as necessary.
While NHI’s Certified Home Inspectors are also licensed General Contractors, we do not believe that it is ethical for home inspectors to offer to fix problems they find during their inspections. By limiting ourselves to only inspecting your property, we maintain our strict independence and keep only your best interests in mind. Similarly, we will never pay real estate agents for referrals or do anything that would jeopardize our client’s well being.
Nonprofit Home Inspections guarantees same day inspection reports via email to you and your real estate agent if you would like. Since you will only have a very short time frame to complete your due diligence when purchasing a home, you really should select a home inspector that will guarantee same day reports. Waiting a week or more to get your inspection results is simply unacceptable and is not in your best interest.
NHI is unique in that it is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As one of the only nonprofit inspection companies in the United States, NHI is driven by a charitable purpose of empowering individuals to make safe, financially sound, and environmentally friendly home buying decisions.

NHI’s Oregon home inspection services are not driven by the profit motive. Our salaried inspectors do not have quotas or franchise requirements that might encourage them to take short cuts on your home inspection. In addition, with grant and community support, NHI is able to outfit and train our inspectors with the most up-to-date equipment possible including thermal imaging cameras that help detect hidden problems that a visual inspection alone would miss.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to do home inspections anywhere in the State of Oregon. Our regular fees apply if your home is located within 25 miles of our headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We can inspect other properties further away for an additional fee (please inquire).
We conduct a comprehensive home inspection that meets and exceeds Oregon’s Standards of Practice for Certified Home Inspectors. To see a partial list of all of the components that we inspect, please review the list at the top of this page.
Becoming an Oregon home inspector is not something to be taken lightly. You will need to successfully pass a ton of approved courses, demonstrate previous experience, and pass the State of Oregon’s test for licensed home inspectors. If approved, you will need to form (or join) a business that is also licensed and insured with Oregon’s Construction Contractors Board.

NHI goes above and beyond all of the requirements for licensed home inspectors in Oregon. We only hire inspectors who have previously worked in construction. We believe that it is critical for an inspector to really know how buildings are properly built before inspecting someone else’s home. All of our Certified Home Inspectors are also licensed General Contractors in the State of Oregon and have years of experience building and remodeling properties in our shared community.

An Oregon home inspection by NHI starts at $350 based on the size of the house. Because larger and older homes take longer to inspect, the prices increase slightly based on the home’s square footage and age. A complete list of our prices is online here. Please note that all of our inspections include free thermal imaging and more. You will not find a better inspection for your investment than at Nonprofit Home Inspections.
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Same Day Reports

Because time is of the essence when conducting a real estate transaction, we guarantee same day reports for our home inspections.

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Thermal Imaging

NHI uses thermal imaging on all home inspections to find and identify problem areas including faulty electrical outlets and water intrusion problems.

Find Hidden Defects

Unless you can see through walls, don’t settle for any inspection that does not use thermal imaging.