Home Inspection Troutdale, Oregon

Home Inspector Troutdale Oregon

Home Inspector Troutdale Oregon

Home Inspection Troutdale Oregon: Professional home inspections, radon testing, mold testing, sewer scopes, and oil tank sweeps for residents of Troutdale, OR and neighboring communities.

Are you buying or selling a home? If so, then a professional home inspection is a must. A home inspection is one of the most important aspects of a real estate transaction. For buyers, it provides you with important information about the biggest investment that you have probably made thus far.

A home inspection is crucial for home sellers too. It lets you know the true state of your home. You will know more about areas that you may never inspect, such as your attic or crawl space. Armed with the information from a home inspection, you can proactively address issues before negotiations begin.

Troutdale, Oregon Home Inspectors

At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we offer affordable home inspections for buyers, sellers, landlords, and current homeowners.

Our highly-qualified team of home inspectors have years of experience in home construction and inspection. We follow the professional standards of the Oregon Construction and Contractors Board for Oregon Certified Home Inspectors. Many of our inspectors have advanced education and training and multiple licenses and certifications. Our team is efficient and possess the highest integrity. We are a team of inspectors that you can trust.

Troutdale, Oregon Home Inspections

Our full home inspections will examine things that you’ve probably never thought to look at in your walk-throughs, from wiring issues that could present a fire hazard to your site’s grading. Our extensive home inspections will help you gain an in-depth understanding of your home. A home inspection could save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. Here are just a few of the things that we cover during home inspections:

  • Grounds – Sidewalks, fences, driveways, decks, steps, and patios.
  • Foundation – structure, window and door alignment.
  • Roof – Shingles, chimneys, skylights, downspouts, and flashing.
  • Basement – Floors, walls, and windows.
  • Attic – Ventilation and insulation.
  • Electrical – Fans, outlets, circuit breakers, carbon monoxide, and fire alarms.
  • Plumbing – Pipes, hot water heaters, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and drains.
  • Built-in appliances – Dishwasher, stove, microwave, oven and washer, and dryer.
  • Heating and cooling systems (HVAC) – Furnace, air conditioners and heat pumps.

Troutdale, OR Home Inspection Reports

Home Inspection Troutdale Oregon

Home Inspection Troutdale Oregon

Our Troutdale, Oregon home inspection reports help you gain a better understanding of your home. You’ll get lots of useful information to help you understand the issues and strengths of your home. Here are some of the things that make our home inspection reports different:

  • Thermal imaging. We use thermal imaging to help find hidden defects. This state-of-the-art technology can help find and identify problems like water intrusion, missing insulation, and faulty electrical outlets.
  • Same-day reports guaranteed. We know how important it is to get your home inspection report quickly when you are conducting a real estate transaction, which is why we offer same-day reports.
  • Detailed summary. We include a helpful summary to highlight the most important issues and defects.
  • Diagrams and graphics. These help you better understand defects and how to fix them. They also illustrate how to operate gas and water shut-off valves in the case of an emergency.
  • Downloadable reports. We keep every report on our server for five years. However, you can also download a pdf for your own files.
  • A helpful request list. This list lets you review defects and indicate which items you want to accept as-is, repair, or receive a monetary amount to fix.
  • Convenient hyperlinks. To help you conduct further research online about your results.
  • Easy-to-understand explanations. We break everything down for you.
  • Clickable photos. Just click the photos to zoom in on defects. This lets you really see what is going on.
  • When possible, we include helpful videos to illustrate defects and problems.

Supplemental Troutdale, OR Home Inspections

A home inspection covers a lot of ground. We inspect everything from your built-in microwave to your electrical wiring. However, a full home inspection cannot tell you absolutely everything you need to know about your home, which is why we offer supplemental home inspections. The following home inspections can help reveal issues that could result in huge costs to your wallet, and even your health.

Oil Tank Sweeps

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are more than a half million underground storage tanks in the U.S. that store petroleum or other hazardous substances. Many of these storage tanks are abandoned underground. Current homeowners may not even be aware of their presence.

The problem with buried oil tanks is that they can leak, which can contaminate groundwater and costs thousands of dollars in repairs. Most buyers will not close on a house that has an underground oil tank buried. It can be difficult to get a mortgage on a property that has a buried oil tank — unless there’s proof that the oil tank has been properly decommissioned.

As a buyer, it is in your best interest to have an oil tank sweep conducted before you sign on the dotted line. This could save you from a big headache later on. If you are a landlord or current homeowner, and suspect that you have a buried oil tank, then you need an oil tank sweep as these tanks can easily erode, leak and leech contaminants into adjacent soil and groundwater.

During an oil tank sweep, our inspectors will search for large underground metal objects like oil tanks, septic tanks, and other buried objects. We will probe the soil to verify the presence of an oil tank. We’ll also test the soil to determine whether or not the tank has leached possible contaminants into the soil.

Radon Inspections

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the soil. It is also the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States for non-smokers. Radon seeps into buildings and homes through the basement and crawlspace. It then builds up there and moves through the floors to the upper levels of the home. The radioactive gas is surprisingly common and most people don’t even know that it is present. The EPA says that elevated radon levels have been found in homes in every state in the U.S. New homes are just as likely to have high radon levels as older homes. The EPA says that no level of exposure to radon is safe. However, they consider 4 picocuries per liter of air pCi/L a “safe” level of radon exposure. The only way to know the levels of radon in your home is through radon testing.

At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we are certified by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants to conduct radon testing. We even offer free radon test kits to those who qualify.

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You can call us at 503-505-7879 with any questions or concerns that you have about our home inspections. We are also available via email at info@nonprofithomeinspections.org. Or, you can schedule your Troutdale, Oregon home inspection online at your convenience.

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