Home Inspection Field Training

Home inspection field training is a critical part of becoming a competent home inspector.  Washington state requires that all prospective home inspectors complete at least 40 hours of field training with a licensed, experienced home inspector.  Nonprofit Home Inspections is certified by the state of Washington to provide the required home inspection field training for those working towards becoming a home inspector in Washington.  Applicants in Oregon can also use our field training in order to obtain the requisite number of points necessary to become a home inspector in Oregon.

Fieldwork Training Guidelines

*** A Mask Is Required For Students And Inspectors At All Times ***

What to do when shadowing a home inspector:

  1. Make sure you show up early when you have your appointment dates set; 15 to 20 minutes is best. If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time, you are late.
  2. Make sure you dress in a professional manner. You don’t need to show up in a suit, but khakis and a collared shirt are recommended. Shorts are not acceptable. You are not only representing yourself as a home inspector, but you are representing the company as well. Looking the part is an important skill to develop in order to be successful. If you take the job seriously, then your clients will too.
  3. Please wear the reflective trainee vest while on site. This helps clients and their agents understand that you are in training and helps to keep you safe.
  4. Please remove your shoes or wear our provided shoe covers inside any home we inspect.
  5. Please bring a notepad and pen or pencils to take notes. We will provide any other items you may need while shadowing our inspector. Write down any observations you see and bring them up to the inspector at the end. This way you can compare notes or have questioned answered.
  6. It is important to note that we will be teaching you while you are shadowing us. We will be talking with you about our inspection process, what defects we see, and other important tips of the trade. Please hold onto any questions until the end of the inspection or a natural pause in action. Our field training is designed so that all your questions should be answered during the course of the inspection, so just wait to see if your question gets answered. If not, ask at the end of the inspection. We recommend that you write your questions down.
  7. You may be quizzed by the inspector while you are shadowing, so be ready and make sure to study before your inspection date. The course is interactive!
  8. Do not talk to the real estate agents, buyers or sellers unless the inspector tells you too. You shouldn’t be answering questions about the home inspection while shadowing. It is important to learn as much as you can and talking to the clients about the inspection can disrupt the inspector while on the job. Please refer all questions to the inspector if you are questioned by clients.
  9. Make sure to follow all the directions that the inspector gives you. Safety is important and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.
  10. Do not touch anything unless the inspector tells you too. For example, do not touch electrical wires, opening windows, opening doors, turning on HVAC systems, opening and closing valves, moving any of the seller’s belongings, opening attic or crawlspace access’s, etc. Use common sense and your best judgement. When in doubt, ask the inspector for directions.
  11. Take care of your personal needs off site. You should not be eating food, leaning on walls, sitting on furniture or using the house’s bathroom. You may be asked to leave the inspection if you do not act professionally at all times.
  12. Learn as much as you can. Experience is the best way to learn how to be a home inspector. Make sure you come away with something new every time. We are here to help you out!
  13. Make sure to enjoy the learning process and bring a positive attitude.

A signed Field Training Agreement is required before any student can complete our field training. Please complete the agreement located here as soon as possible: https://nonprofithomeinspections.org/liability-photo-release-agreement/

Fulfill Washington state's field training requirements by riding along with a licensed home inspector.