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Home Inspections Eugene Oregon

Home Inspections Eugene Oregon – Nonprofit Home Inspections provides home inspections in Eugene, Oregon and surrounding communities. Our services in Eugene, Springfield and surrounding communities builds on our extremely successful home inspection services in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington communities. As one of the most successful home inspection companies in these different communities, Nonprofit Home Inspections appreciates providing clients in the Eugene, Oregon area with outstanding home inspection services including full home inspections, sewer scopes, radon testing, mold testing, structural pest inspections and more.

Nonprofit Home Inspections’ Eugene home inspector lives in the area and is trained to identify potential issues regarding moisture intrusion, foundation integrity, and more. This local focus is critical for home inspectors as defects in homes are often related to local weather conditions, soil conditions and typical construction defects common in the various communities. Because our home inspector lives and works in the area, he can help you identify potential problems during the buying process before they become solely your problem. Knowledge is power, and having a thorough Eugene home inspection will give you the information necessary to make wise housing decisions.

Home Inspection – Eugene, OR

Nonprofit Home Inspections’ whole home inspection covers all of the visually accessible areas of the home including the roof, the attic, the basement or crawlspace, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, structural components, etc. While Oregon’s Standards of Practice do not require home inspectors to climb on roofs, our inspectors will walk on every roof as long as it is safe to do so. Similarly, our inspectors enter and traverse attics and crawlspaces as long as they are physically accessible and safe to enter. To see what we look for when conducting a home inspection, please review the Oregon Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors and check out some of our sample home inspection reports. When you are ready, click on the “schedule now” button to schedule a home inspection today!

Home Inspector Eugene OR

Nonprofit Home Inspections’ services in Eugene, Oregon are provided by Cody Farr Baenziger. In additional to being a licensed home inspector in both Oregon and Washington, Cody is a licensed Structural Pest Inspector. The combination of Cody’s experience and mission driven approach means that our Eugene home inspections are extremely detailed and thorough. As with all of our inspectors, Cody is available for follow up emails and phone calls in case you have questions or concerns about what was uncovered in your home inspection.

Nonprofit Home Inspections invests over $30,000 in training and equipment for each home inspector. By hiring licensed contractors and inspectors with significant construction experience, we are able to combine their relevant experience with some of the best equipment and training available in the home inspection industry. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, all funding is used to subsidize home inspections for low income families, to pay for ongoing training and education and to purchase top notch equipment. The end result for our clients is extremely thorough home inspections that help our clients make informed housing decisions.

Home Inspections

Experienced, mission driven home inspectors providing extremely detailed and useful home inspections.

Outstanding Home Inspections

Extremely thorough, unbiased home inspections in Eugene, Oregon and surrounding communities

Radon Testing

Professional testing to determine if your home has elevated levels of radon, the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers.

Creating Healthy Homes

Our tamper resistant radon equipment follows EPA guidelines to help determine if your home has elevated levels of radon.

Mold Testing

Unbiased mold testing and independent laboratory results to determine if you have a mold problem.

Independent, Unbiased Results

Our certified mold inspectors follow strict standards of practice and use an accredited laboratory to conduct mold testing.

Sewer Scopes

Licensed inspectors to determine if your sewer line needs expensive repairs prior to purchase.

No Conflict of Interest

We only do inspections and will not bid on sewer repairs. Trust our licensed home inspectors for unbiased results.

Home Inspector Eugene Cost

Nonprofit Home Inspections’ top notch services are offered at a reasonable cost for residents in Eugene, Springfield, and surrounding communities. In addition to providing free home inspection services for other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that help low income populations, Nonprofit Home Inspections also offers all of our services on a sliding scale so that everyone can afford to have their own high quality home inspection. For a complete list all of our home inspection pricing, please visit our home inspection pricing page.

General Information about Eugene, Oregon

The City of Eugene, Oregon is home of the University of Oregon. Founded in 1876, the University of Oregon is one of the oldest universities on the West Coast. Eugene is the third largest city in Oregon, close behind the state capital of Salem, Oregon. With over 166,575 citizens, Eugene is the largest city in Lane County. Known as the Jewel of the Emerald Empire, a reference to its booming lumber town days, Eugene is located at the southern end of the Willamette Valley, one of the most fertile regions in the world. The Willamette Valley’s climate produces an average annual rainfall of 44 inches — a critical consideration for durable homes and something we take into account for every home inspection in Eugene, Oregon.

Named after founder Eugene Skinner, whose name is also given to Skinner Butte, Eugene has a colorful past as a vibrant college town that has grown into a driving force in Central Oregon. With I-5 winding through the city, Eugene has become a bustling hub of economic activity, as nearby communities such as Springfield continue to grow rapidly. The area has a plethora of outdoor activities, with over 200 miles of bike paths and Prefontaine’s trails weaving throughout the city. The Willamette and McKenzie rivers are summertime hot spots for locals who enjoy watching the U of O’s athletes train at the nearby university.

Local communities around the Eugene area include Amazon, Bethel, Cal Young, Churchill, Crest Drive, Downtown, Fairmount, Far West, Friendly, Goodpasture Island, Harlow, Industrial Corridor, Jefferson Westside, Laurel Hill Valley, Northeast, River Road, Santa Clara/Irving, South University, Southeast, Spencer Butte, Trainsong, West Eugene, West University, and Whiteaker.

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