Battle Ground Home Inspection

Examples of defects found in a Battle Ground Home Inspection.

Battle Ground home inspection.

Battle Ground Home Inspection – Located at the edge of the Columbia Basin, Battle Ground is one of the fastest growing cities in Washington State. With a diverse and colorful history, Battle Ground provides a vibrant community while retaining its small town origins. Nonprofit Home Inspections has conducted numerous inspections in Battle Ground, with several of our inspectors living in the Clark County area. With an average rainfall of 53 inches per year, our highly trained inspectors look for potential causes of water intrusion such as faulty or missing flashing, exposed penetrations on the roof, and damaged siding among other defects. Combining this diligence with our thermal imaging services, which are provided free with every inspection, we can find water intrusion and leaks without disturbing the integrity of your new home.

Battle Ground is named for a battle that never actually occurred. In 1855, Chief Umtuch and a group of the Klickitat tribe attempted to leave the fort in the area. Fearing that they may be headed to join the Yakima tribe uprising that was occurring at the time, Captain William Strong followed and confronted the group near present-day Battle Ground. Eventually, Captain Strong convinced them peacefully to return to the fort, however Chief Umtuch was killed during the talks. While the circumstances of his death are unknown, it is thought that a gun was accidentally fired by one of his men. There is a school named in his honor in the Battle Ground school district.

With a population of over 19,000 people, Battle Ground is a fast growing part of the Portland-Vancouver metro area. With the I-5 freeway only minutes away, Battle Ground provides residents with both country serenity and ease of commute. This area is blessed with a plethora of outdoor activities, one of which is Battle Ground lake. The remains of an extinct volcano, this state park bears a striking resemblance to the massive Crater Lake in Oregon, giving it the nickname “Little Crater Lake”. Nearby Lucia Falls gives visitors spectacular views of beautiful waterfalls cascading down the East Fork of the Lewis River and the steelhead trout that leap up the falls.

Battle Ground Home Inspection

Nonprofit Home Inspections is proud to serve this rapidly growing area of Clark County and provide thorough inspections of your home from roof to foundation. With the added advantage of being a nonprofit, our goal is to give you an accurate representation of the current state of your home. Our inspectors review your home with a trained eye, providing you with an accurate and detailed report, giving you in-depth analysis of your home. Our inspectors are licensed in both Washington and Oregon, as well as being licensed Structural Pest Inspectors.

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