Examples of defects found in a Lewisville Home Inspection.

Lewisville Home Inspection

Nonprofit Home Inspections offers Lewisville home inspection services to residents in the greater Clark County area. Situated right in the heart of the county, Lewisville is a region with access to big city amenities. Bordering Venersborg, Battleground, and Cherry Grove, this census designated area has grown in recent years, thanks to Clark County’s rapid development.

With much of the Lewisville area receiving over 40 inches of rain per year, water intrusion is a serious issue in homes around this area. At Nonprofit Home Inspections, we utilize thermal imaging technology to help detect areas of water intrusion inside your home. With many of our inspectors living in the Clark County area, we are familiar with regionally common issues, such as roof flashing defects, shingle deficiencies, and galvanized piping.

The first settler in the area, Adolphus Lee Lewis, has many different areas named in his honor in the northern Clark County region. This includes the Lewis River, the Lewis River Valley, and Lewisville. Originally known as Cathlapootle, this region became known for agriculture and river transportation. While nearby centers of industrial development, such as Vancouver, grew rapidly during the 1940’s, Lewisville remained largely undeveloped until the 1970’s.

With a population around 1,700 people, Lewisville is a quiet area with easy access to the I-5 corridor. With the Portland/Vancouver metro area only 20 minutes away, Lewisville enjoys both rural natural beauty and metropolitan entertainment. One of Lewisville prime jewels is Lewisville Regional Park, the oldest park in Clark County. With forests and meadows along the East Fork of the Lewis River, this park offers sports fields, boat launches, hiking trails, and fishing areas.

Lewisville Home Inspection

Nonprofit Home Inspections has conducted numerous inspections in and around the Lewisville area. As a nonprofit, our focus is to provide you with accurate and detailed information about the current functionality of your home. Our Lewisville home inspection services give you the most complete and easy to read reports, giving you a thorough representation of your home.

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When looking for Lewisville home inspection services, you can rely on Nonprofit Home Inspections’ licensed home inspectors to give you an unbiased assessment of your property.  Schedule a home inspection today!