Ridgefield Home Inspection

Defects found in a Ridgefield home inspection.

Ridgefield Home Inspection

Ridgefield Home Inspection – Nonprofit Home Inspections is proud to serve Ridgefield and the surrounding Clark County area. Our inspectors are experienced in this northern end of the Portland-Vancouver metro area and several of our inspectors call this region home. With the added advantage of including free thermal imaging with each inspection, our inspectors can locate defects easier and faster, all without disturbing the integrity of your home.

A small town blessed with quick and easy access to a bustling metro area, Ridgefield has been the fastest growing city in Washington State for several years running. Located between the Columbia River and the I-5 corridor, with Portland 20 minutes to the south and Seattle 2.5 hours to the north, Ridgefield maintains a small town feel, while being close to world class centers for food, art, sports, entertainment, and more. Originally an agricultural and forestry center, Ridgefield has grown to be a large hub serving the industrial and shipping sectors based at the Port of Ridgefield.

Ridgefield’s vibrant history was first recorded by the Chinook tribe that first called the area home. This history was added to when Lewis and Clark visited the area in 1805 on their way to the Pacific Ocean, returning in 1806 on their return voyage home. More settlers began to call this area home after the Chinook relocated to the mouth of the Lewis river in 1876, with the area becoming incorporated in 1909.

The area around Ridgefield is abundant in outdoor activities, most notable of which is the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, famous for its prime observation for migratory birds of all kinds. Other activities include kayaking or canoeing, hiking, fishing, and the Cathlapotle Plankhouse, a re-creation of a traditional Chinook dwelling. For entertainment, the iLani Casino Resort is a new addition to the area. Run by the Cowlitz tribe in the area, the resort provides world-class food and entertainment, along with gaming and shopping.

Ridgefield Home Inspection

Serving the large Portland metro area, Nonprofit Home Inspections provides you with a detailed report unique to your region. Since our home inspectors are local and connected to the community, we know what issues are common in the area and require special attention, such as water intrusion in our rainy winter climate. This includes issues with flashing, roofing materials, and siding damage. With the advantage of being a nonprofit, we provide you with a unbiased and detailed report that gives you a thorough description of the functionality of your home.

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