Examples of defects found during a Venersborg home inspection.

Venersborg home inspection

Our Venersborg home inspection services focus on issues that are common in the region, such as galvanized piping, siding defects, and water intrusion. Nonprofit Home Inspections offers inspections in Venersborg and the surrounding area. Since many of our inspectors live in the Clark County area, we have increased insights when looking for regional defects.

Founded by J.C. Lanerberg, who purchased the densely forested hills of northern Clark County, modern day Venersborg was originally known as “Verner’s Villa”. Later becoming Venersborg, loosely translated as “A haven for friends”, it was intended to be a Swedish village. Settled in the 1900’s, the Swedish settlers found that the region was excellent for growing fruit. Even today, it is not uncommon to find fruit trees over 100 years old still bearing fruit.

Until recently, the Venersborg area was largely timber country and was a staple region for the foresting industry for over a century. With over 3,000 residents, Venersborg retains much of its small town charm, while remaining within easy driving distance to the Portland/Vancouver metro area. With the I-5 corridor only minutes away, metropolitan entertainment such as sports, music, and fine dining is close by.

Original settlers to the Venersborg area frequently stated that it reminded them of their native Sweden, with the high mountains, rolling meadows, and dense forests. Venersborg offers a plethora of different outdoor activities to its residents, with Moulton Falls being a prime example. Moulton Falls Regional Park contains large waterfalls, a 3-story high arch bridge, and interesting volcanic pieces of history. As the Lewis River flows over volcanic rock formations, hikers and cyclists can view the natural beauty that first stunned the first settlers.

Venersborg Home Inspection

As a nonprofit, our first priority is providing you with a detailed and accurate report. Our inspectors focus solely on supplying you with an in-depth report that gives you a thorough representation of the current functionality of your home. Our Venersborg home inspection services provide you with a report that is both easy to read and meticulous.

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