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How to Repair Nail Pops and Drywall Cracks

Nail Pop Nail pops and drywall cracks are common cosmetic defects that can form in recently built homes, or in homes that have undergone recent drywall repairs. In most cases these cosmetic defects are caused by expansion and contraction of building materials as they dry after installation, or by installation errors. Drywall [...]

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How To Label an Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel It is common to find electrical panels in older homes with obsolete, in-eligible, or missing labeling. Although most home owners may not have to operate circuit breakers in the electric panel too often, it is important to have proper labeling so that the circuit breakers in the panel can be [...]

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How To Repair Deteriorated Sealant

Exterior Sealant Sealant is an essential part of a home and can be found both on the interior and exterior. Sealant is usually used to seal and close small gaps, penetrations, holes, and joints that would otherwise allow the movement of moisture, pests, air, or dust. This can include, but is not [...]

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Cracks in the Driveway Slab

Driveway Cracks Concrete driveways are a common part of the exterior of a home. They provide an even surface for vehicles and can be an integral part of providing access to a home. However, concrete will almost always crack and this is often times just part of the curing process. Since concrete [...]

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DIY Weather-Stripping and Insulation at Attic and Crawlspace Hatches

Attic Access Hatch In most homes, air leakage through building penetrations is something that is hard to avoid, but there are some places in the home where excess air leakage can be controlled. In homes that have an attic and crawlspace, there are usually access hatches that are located inside the building [...]

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Missing Attic Insulation

Missing Attic Insulation Insulation has been an integral part of homes for thousands of years and the basic function, regardless of material used, has been the same: to provide a thermally resistant barrier that reduces the movement of thermal energy into and out of the home. While there have been many different [...]

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Foundation Vents and Basement Windows Below Grade

Foundation Vent Below Grade Foundation vents are an important part of the crawlspace ventilation system in most homes with an unconditioned underfloor area. While these vents help to lower moisture levels in the crawlspace, they can also lead to significant moisture problems if not properly protected. A common defect found at many [...]

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